VMworld 2019 – Day 4

VMworld 2019 – Day 4

VMworld 2019 – Day 4 667 500 Matts Bos

Today was the last day of VMworld 2019, I had some session planned as back-up but I ended up in the middle of Barcelona with Velocloud and had a session with VMware Global Support at VMworld.

SD-WAN by Velocloud

The morning started off with a session that wasn’t at VMworld but at the VMware office in Barcelona. During this session I was allowed to ask some questions about the proposition of SD-WAN by Velocloud and what it all entails. It was good meeting up with the Velocloud team and to get to know them.

VMware Global Support

During my session with GSS I was able to ask some specific questions about NSX-T and the best way to implement NSX-T for a future proof multi-tenant environment. By leveraging tags and the new scope string you can now introduce multi-tenancy based on the new policy manager which has been brought over from VMware Cloud on AWS.


By now the venue is starting to become empty and people are breaking down the stands. This is the last blog in this series, we’re just wrapping up and waiting for our airplane to arrive.

VMworld was great, I received a lot of great information about all kinds of products and roadmaps. My backpack and luggage are full of goodies I didn’t even ask for, if anyone near me likes to have some stickers feel free to send me a message!

Alright, that’s all, thanks for reading and I hope you had a great time with these updates in case you couldn’t make it to VMworld 2019 yourself.