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Hello world!

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Welcome to my blog, I’m Matts Bos as you’ve probably already noticed on the front page. On this blog I will send updates for the world to see, or maybe realistically, just a few other interested persons working with VMware products and the usual suspects…


I have quite a list on the roadmap to fill this website with, most things I write are usually quick tutorials or specific explanations about all kinds of things. Suggestions and tips are always welcome, the same goes for asking me questions. Feel free to ask for a more elaborate explanation if it helps you!

Venues and events

Among documentation and tutorials I will try to keep you updated about special events I’m attending as a guest or speaker. Think about venues like VMworld or the VMUG days (usually in The Netherlands).


Maybe you’d like me to cover a specific piece of software or configuration, tell me about it and I’ll see what I can come up with.

Thanks for reading!