VMworld 2019 – Arrival 1137 385 Matts Bos

VMworld 2019 – Arrival

VMworld 2019 in Barcelona will kick off tomorrow morning, time to go through some quick facts and what to expect the coming week. A fun weekend This year we arrived a bit earlier than necessary. We took some time to explore Barcelona in the weekend before VMworld. Last year I arrived on Sunday, the result…

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New vExpert 1122 845 Matts Bos

New vExpert

This is a short update and notification. After I got back from my holiday I was greeted by a nice e-mail from the VMware vExpert team: It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the vExpert program. Yay! I’m so happy to be part of the vExpert program now, it’s a great recognition…

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Why .PRO? 1334 750 Matts Bos

Why .PRO?

So, one of the questions I’ve received, which I didn’t actually expect, is why Why not .nl or .com? I did! First of all, I did register It actually redirects to Many of the common TLD’s are already registered by other people and possibilities are getting more slim every day. For some…

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VMUG 2019_Matts
Public talk @NLVMUG 2019 1606 1152 Matts Bos

Public talk @NLVMUG 2019

TL:DR Right, just here for the slides and info about the content? No problem. Note: everything is Dutch. Slidedeck NLVMUG-Usercon-2019-NSX-V-vs-NSX-T (PDF)Download Full presentation Full blog post As announced earlier, I held a session about NSX-T vs. NSX-V at the NLVMUG Usercon 2019. I can honestly say I was quite excited to have a tech…

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Upcoming public talk @NLVMUG 1000 563 Matts Bos

Upcoming public talk @NLVMUG

NLVMUG Last year I was at the NLVMUG Usercon as a visitor and learned a lot from great sessions throughout the day. The NLVMUG Usercon is the biggest VMUG Usercon in the world, there is a great amount of interest in quite a few sessions. After my visit last year, I decided this year I…

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VMworld 2018 – Day 1-2 2048 1365 Matts Bos

VMworld 2018 – Day 1-2

This year I had the opportunity to go to VMworld 2018 in Barcelona together with four of my colleagues! I had a blast, a lot of great information and some under NDA, so unfortunately can’t tell you any of that NDA inside info.VMworld is a four-day event, in this post I will summarize some of…

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Public talk @Infosecurity 560 450 Matts Bos

Public talk @Infosecurity

Public Talk On the 31st of October my colleague Robin van Altena and I will host a talk at the Infosecurity venue (Dutch) about our experience running VMware and Palo Alto for microsegmentation (NSX) and segmentation (Palo Alto) purposes. The talk is focused around the journey one of our customers went through being one of…

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Architecting on AWS 814 522 Matts Bos

Architecting on AWS

Today I successfully passed the Architecting on AWS course! AWS Why AWS when you are a VMware guy you might ask?Well, the world is moving guys! AWS is there not to take away customers from your beloved VMware environment, it’s there to add to it. In the future we will probably be using hybrid clouds…

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VMware Tech Summit 2018 3739 1775 Matts Bos

VMware Tech Summit 2018

The past two days I was in Cork, Ireland together with two of my colleagues to attend the VMware Tech Summit 2018! Part of a small group of EMEA VMware partners we got a lot of quality technical information from the GSS team! The event was two days long and consisted of mostly a morning…

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Hello world! 1920 1280 Matts Bos

Hello world!

Welcome Welcome to my blog, I’m Matts Bos as you’ve probably already noticed on the front page. On this blog I will send updates for the world to see, or maybe realistically, just a few other interested persons working with VMware products and the usual suspects… Roadmap I have quite a list on the roadmap…

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