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NVMe SSD not recognized 7.0+

NVMe SSD not recognized 7.0+ 1500 533 Matts Bos

Earlier this year I ran into problems with consumer SSD’s not being recognized in ESXi 6.7U1 and higher due to a change in the NVMe driver that had to do…

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FreeNAS on ESXi with local storage

FreeNAS on ESXi with local storage 959 483 Matts Bos

In my homelab I try to use as little electricity as possible, not just because I live in The Netherlands and electricity is expensive, mostly because the house I live…

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Homelab 101

Homelab 101 2560 1920 Matts Bos

This is a tutorial on how to create a homelab. Introduction  So, you’ve decided to get going with VMware ESXi and VMware vSphere. Maybe you have a customer asking for a specific configuration, maybe you…

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NVMe SSD not recognized 6.7U1+

NVMe SSD not recognized 6.7U1+ 1500 533 Matts Bos

Since I just got myself a new server with m.2 slots available, I bought myself some cheap NVMe m.2 SSD’s. I planned one for placing some local VM’s on and…

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Homelab Update

Homelab Update 2560 1920 Matts Bos

Something completely different I want to share with you. I have quite an extensive homelab and wasn’t actually in the market for a new one, however I saw a deal…

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vNS Techcon, VCAP’s, vExpert and VMUG

vNS Techcon, VCAP’s, vExpert and VMUG 1176 650 Matts Bos

It has been a while since my last blog entry, unfortunately I’ve been extremely busy for the past months without spare time for an update on the blog, time for…

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VMworld 2019 – Day 4

VMworld 2019 – Day 4 667 500 Matts Bos

Today was the last day of VMworld 2019, I had some session planned as back-up but I ended up in the middle of Barcelona with Velocloud and had a session…

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VMworld 2019 – Day 3

VMworld 2019 – Day 3 1057 500 Matts Bos

And that’s Wednesday already. Days are flying by, with barely any time in between all the appointments it’s easy to lose track of time. Today consisted of a few things:…

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VMworld 2019 – Day 2

VMworld 2019 – Day 2 1055 500 Matts Bos

Today was a crazy day, good, but crazy. The schedule didn’t allow for much to do other than sitting down at breakout sessions and meetings with possible new partners or…

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VMworld 2019 – Day 1

VMworld 2019 – Day 1 3968 2976 Matts Bos

This morning me and my colleagues had a good breakfast and got ourselves a cab to to the VMworld Europe 2019 venue, the Fira Barcelona. The venue set-up looked the…

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